Ceci's Tatting

This blog is dedicated to my grandma, in this page I will post her beautiful tatting work.  I hope you enjoy the pictures and come back to see the latest updates. 

Abuelita Ceci 
LAST UPDATE: 01/12/2013

A super cute pair of baby booties made by Ceci. These are the model she used when tatting booties for her fifteen grandchildren.

The next group of doilies are displayed around Ceci's house. Very detailed and made with lots of love. 

This black doily is hard to appreciate from the picture, but it gives a beautiful contrast to the room. 

The next picture is for a work-in-progress. My aunt asked my grandma for a center doily for her dinning room table. As my grandma worked on it my aunt asked her to make it bigger and bigger, what she really wanted..... a tatted table cloth :) 

Hopefully, for my next trip I will have pictures of the final product to post. 

The next group of doilies were photographed last week when I visited my grandma. They were not yet displayed around the house as she waited until December to decorate  (My b-day is Nov. 30 and I never liked to celebrate Christmas until my b-day passed).  

The next group of pictures were gifts from my grandma to her younger daughter = my mom :) , I asked my mom to bring the doilies when she came to visit so that I could photograph them. She has a lot more of special things made by my grandma, I will post pictures of them as soon as I get my hands on them. 

The next group of pictures were gifts from my grandma to her younger brother, the pictures were taken at his house showing how the doilies are being displayed. 


  1. So Beautiful! All of them!!! You are blessed and talented in family & tatting! I hope I can learn to make such beautiful things! I just bought a plastic shuttle as I could not find any metal ones at the craft stores.
    I have not tatted in 45 years! So bought a book of instruction with a DVD to watch included. I so want a Pretty Shuttle to own tho! Let me know where & how to find a real pretty one like your American Silver ones! 0:D
    Pamela Goulart 0:D

    1. Hi Pamela, thank you very much for your kind comments. It is great that you are going back to tatting! I am myself learning from my grandmother.
      Finding tatting shuttles at the stores is getting really difficult, specially the sterling ones. I have gotten all my shuttles either online or at local antique stores. I would recommend to start looking through eBay, I have bought many of mine there.

      Good luck hunting for tatting shuttles, I think it is extremely fun!

    2. Hi... Those booties are just beautiful!! As is the rest of your work.
      If i'm not asking for too much, would you mind sharing the pattern for those booties? I've been searching for patterns for booties but haven't found any as pretty looking as these. I would love to make them... correction...TRY to make them, for my baby! (am just a beginner)

  2. The booties are beautiful! Is there a way to obtain the pattern please?

  3. This is a beautiful art work. I'm happy to see how much you care for your grandmother. All her work is out of this world. thank you for sharing. Aida Martinez

  4. All are very beautiful but I must say I fell in love with the Baby Bootees...BRAVO
    Joy in Australia

  5. Hi,

    I saw your post on this page of the booties tatted by Ceci. They are absolutely gorgeous and I would really like to make them as a gift for someone who just had a precious baby girl. Unfortunately as most of the booties I find online they do not have a pattern available. Can you please let me know where I can get the pattern for them as I can only tat something if I am able to follow a pattern. Thank you.

  6. Your grandmother does gorgeous work! Thank you for sharing her talent with us.

  7. Ceci, your tatting is so beautiful, I especially love the white doily that is the oval under your pretty booties. Is there any source for this doily? Thank you.

  8. Hi Sirena, I am impressed by your doilies and hope to do half as well on my first project. I am a great great grandmother for the second time. I am one of 11, taught myself to sew after I retired work and our first great grandchild arrived (baby bucket hats, shoes, blankets, burp clothes, cloth books--done in embroidery and more. I made the same when our second great grandchild arrived and taught myself to crochet and made a beautiful afghan (thanks to help from my 87 year old neighbor and the Internet). It is time I learned how to tat before a third great grandchild comes along. I Googled "tatted baby booties" and came across your blog. I love all your grandmas work, especially her baby booties. I am wondering if she would share her pattern for a fee. When I was a little girl my mom's best friend was a great tatter--little did I appreciate her work! I am so hoping you still check your blog occasionally. Thanks for looking and hoping all is well with you and grandma. Lucie