Sunday, July 29, 2012

As I started my tatting shuttle collection I didn't know much about these interesting tools. After reading much about them online I bought two books that every shuttle collector or tatting enthusiast should have.

"Tatting Shuttles of American Collectors"
-Heidi Nakayama

"This illustrated book showcases hundreds of tatting shuttles and accessories found in America."

This is a great reference book that focuses primary on American tatting shuttles, it has lots of pictures and provides a great deal of information on the origin of them.

"Tatting Shuttles - Related Tools & Accessories"
-Pam Palmer

This is another great book on shuttles. This book focuses mostly on European shuttles and provides some information on knotting shuttles as well.

The book by Pam Palmer inspired me to start looking for knotting shuttles for my collection, these have been definitely harder to find, and more expensive than tatting shuttles, but they are gorgeous and a pleasure to have. I created a new page to post pictures of these shuttles.

Knotting Shuttle Collection 
Here you will find pictures of my knotting shuttle collection.

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